October 2011 I stayed for two weeks at my friends place near Arnhem, Holland. I've never been to Holland before and in a way it astonished me: very clean, tiny, serene. But I could not take any picture of it, though my camera was with me. Instead of taking pictures I kept some kind of a diary, fixing the things that interested me.

Some months passed and suddenly — already in Moscow — I struck against the work of a dutch photographer Hans van der Meer. All the things I've tried to capture — Holland's exaggerated rightness, blankness — were shown in his photographs. It was "my Holland" — the Holland I saw and remembered. So came the decision: I took my cell-phone and re-photographed two van der Meer's projects (Hinterland and Off the Shelf).

And that is how I won Holland back: another's man photographs re-taken and re-thought by me and my some parts of my diary, translated into English.